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Website Darlings makes it possible for wedding/event planners to offer their clients a beautiful, custom wedding/event website for their special time in life at an affordable price. Complete with custom url, example; or And up to 5 pages designed to their specifications for only $65.00 for one month. And if they want to keep it longer it would just be $30.00 per month thereafter. Cancel at any time.

As a wedding/event planner you could mark up the website feature as you see fit and set yourself apart from all other wedding and event planners. If you marked the wholesale price up double or triple it would still be an attractive price! Completely designed, built and hosted by us. Imagine how well that would add to your business’ bottom line! Not to mention if your clients decide to keep the website. Your company will receive monthly payments from your mark up along with Website Darlings and your clients, their family and friends will have, at their finger tips, the event to enjoy any time and anywhere long after it has ended. It’s a win-win-win proposition. Website Darlings would be your wedding/event website wholesaler of memories.

With a custom website your clients can have announcements and pictures uploaded to it. With up to 5 pages they could have a bride page and a groom page. They could have a contact page and their pages will be able to have people comment on them. If you are already considered a super wedding/event planner then you will become a super-duper planner. And Website Darlings will do all the work on the website. You would not have to lift a finger. You need only watch your bottom line increase.

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