How To Use Keywords To Rank Your Website Higher In Search Engines

As business professionals we want our websites to rank in search results as high as possible.  When they do the chances of generating more business becomes greater.  But in our last article, “Are Meta Keywords Relevant In 2024 Website Rankings?” Website Darlings went on record to say that meta keywords don’t make a significant difference in your rankings.  But we also went on record to say that keywords are still relevant.

Website Darlings says that when you take the meta out of keywords then you can make significant progress with ranking your business website.  What does that mean?  It means that we should not be focusing on keywords that are coded in HTML or plugins like Yoast and All In One SEO, but rather serve up keywords in a different way.

The way to offer keywords to search engines like Google and Bing are with blog posts and articles.  When you write engaging posts on your website they are indexed by the search engines and help to rank websites higher.  That is why every business website should have a blog.  Without a blog your website is static.  It is the same day in and day out.  Not only does search engines do not have a reason to further index your site but visitors don’t have a reason to come back to it.

If you have a DJ website you can write about parties that are the talk of the town.  You don’t have to be the DJ.  You can talk about your own parties, as well.  Don’t forget to add pics and narratives.  If you have an attorney website you can blog about some of your cases.  You can also blog about cases that are relevant to your practice.  Supreme court cases, as well as, local cases.

The idea is to keep your website fresh and current and worthy of search engines and people wanting to continue to visit your website.  This will help in ranking your website higher in SERPs.


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