Tony Robbins Time to Rise Summit 2024 | My Take

by Vince Bowman

I signed up for the Tony Robbins summit for 2 reasons.  The first because it was free.  The second because I’d always heard of Tony Robbins.  But let me be clear, if the first reason were not true I would not have signed up.  The title of this part 1 of 3 summit was Time to Rise Summit Day 1: Break Through In 2024.

It was streaming on YouTube so I got the laptop cranked up after getting the notification that the summit was starting.  A pretty and short, young lady who said her name was Karissa came out as host.  She was so short the chair Tony Robbins was to sit in was almost taller than her.  She sported long brunette hair and a slender build.  I had to do a little digging to find out that her full name is Karissa Kouchis aka KK.  She was full of energy and knew how to pump things up.  If this was a talk show she’d be the warmup comedian.

After Karissa did her spill, she introduced us to a gentleman whose job was to exercise us for a short period of time.  I didn’t partake.  That’s the advantage of participating in an online summit.  No one knew I was being a slacker.  Before becoming the Director of Sales and Marketing for Website Darlings website design company, I was a personal trainer for many years.  So, I guess my ego told me that I didn’t need it.  But if I were in attendance at one of his summits I would participate with a great big smile on my face.

After Jack Lalanne (I’m being funny) finished his exercise routine we went back to the fair Karissa.  I think I’m infatuated with Karissa.  She spoke a little more and then the moment I’d been waiting for transpired when Karissa introduced the man of the hour!  Tony Robbins!

When Tony Robbins came out he began by being his own hype man.  What I mean is he is starting to get people pumped and excited.  He was like a tall White Flavor Flav.  But once Tony Robbins began getting into the meat of his summit discussion, I quickly became a fan.  I knew nothing about him except for his reputation preceded him.  His story is nothing short of phenomenal.  He talked about how he had 4 Fathers and a Mother who drank and took prescription pills.  He started his autobiography mainly during his younger high school years.  But from his story I could see he was focused at a very young age.  And he did give credit to his Mother because, as he put it, he wouldn’t be where he was today if not for her.  He called her intense.  The way he described her I think he was being very generous.  Behind his back I would call her something else. 

Hearing about his life and his struggles, I was touched.  It made me think of a saying that goes, “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.”  Tony Robbins has definitely gone through some shit to be where he is today.  I use the word shit because Tony Robbins uses it a lot himself.  It reminds me of when I trained Andrew Young, and I first heard him use the word nigger at the SouthWest YMCA in Atlanta where I got my first job as a professional gym trainer.

But listening to Tony Robbins for the first time made me a fan.  I can see why millions of people love him.  Now it’s millions plus one more.  I was inspired by this summit and look forward to the day 2 summit.


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